R.L. and Sr. Supervisor, Lu C. Fur.

This is me, R.L. Gray.

OK, OK, the last name is not really mine, it’s a pseudonymous (please, not to be confused with pseudomonas!) surname. Why? Because Gray is nice and simple and quite neutral. A neutral gray, if you will. {grin} It’s also the color of Eeyore (my favorite A.A. Milne character) and wonderfully intriguing storm clouds. Anyhoot, I’m not hiding, it’s just that my last name’s rather a mouthful and my maiden name’s another one.  Initials plus a one-syllable last name fits so well on a book cover, dontcha think?

If you want to follow my ramblings as me, myself, and I, check out Ordinary Dreams.

I’m a Virginia-born Colorado non-native who enjoys motorcycling, jeeping, hanging out with the dogs, reading, writing, watching movies, listening to music, and travelling. Some favorite pastimes which lend themselves well to Writing About Things (used the Pooh capitalization scheme there, didja see?) — people-watching, listening, and observing.